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Haider WADY

BRONZE WORKS 2002 -2007

Graphic works 2016-2017  Digital Print on 240g art paiper 25 X 30 cm , 17 additions 

Haider WADY 

A self-taught artist, Haider Wady began his career as a painter, exhibiting his work in Bagdad, Amman and Paris. He then delved into sculpturing where he found his true expressive creativity and has already held over 10 solo exhibitions. While still being a sculptor at heart, he recently started a new path in graphic and new media art.
Between 2003 and 2008, Haider lived in Damascus, Syria, where he held 4 sculpture exhibitions, after which he moved to Lyon, France.
In December 2016 he opened his own atelier-showroom in the artistic hub of Lyon, where he exhibits a collection of his new graphic works and sculptures, as well as other local and international artists.


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